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What is etherpyramid?

Unstoppable decentralized smart contracts running on the Ethereum World Computer Blockchain.

The DApps multiply the deposits of participants using ether from future deposits. It is a pure Ponzi game.

3% of deposits are programatically donated to, a charity providing free meals to those in need.

IMPORTANT: Do not send ether from an exchange.
Send from an address you control the private key of only.
Game 110 ETH Max Deposit & 1.5x Payout

0x02a13ED1805624738[NOT LIVE]e358ea487B0C6

Game 21.0 ETH Max Deposit & 1.3x Payout

0x02a13ED1805624738[NOT LIVE]e358ea487B0C6

Game 30.1 ETH Max Deposit & 1.2x Payout

0x02a13ED1805624738[NOT LIVE]e358ea487B0C6

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's say you send 1 ETH to the verified contract address of Game 2. In order for you to recieve your payout ( 1.3 ETH minus 2% charity fee ), 1.3 ETH must be deposited after all participants before you have been paid.

Sending more than the maximum ether allowed will result in the excess being refunded to the sender.

Again, if you send ether from an exchange, the exchange will end up getting the payout instead of you, so please only send from addresses you control.

There is no need to trust etherpyramid. Understanding the contract sourcecode proves that it can only operate as it was programmed to. The code is the law with no trust required. This is often refered to as a 'trustless system'.

Your deposit will stay locked in the contract until enough ether is deposited to initiate your payout.

Please feel free to ask in our chatroom!

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